It allows to set the desired voltage automatically by manual or servo motor in the setting range determined according to customer request.

The variac, which is contained therein, is formed by winding a single envelope enamelled copper wire  on toroidal sheet.
The variac provides all the load that provides power and voltage regulation. Using the MSC-7203 multimeter mounted on the variac box, the input voltage, the output voltage and the drawn amperage can be seen instantaneously. In addition, the MSC-7203 multimeter automatically records the highest and lowest values of the instantaneous values and can reset it as desired. 
• Optionally : the controle  module ‘’MSC-7203 + Wi-Fi ‘’İs available.
- Output Voltage Range: 0-250V.
- Input Voltage: 220v.
- Full Function Multimeters.
- Record the highest and lowest values seen.
- Reset information.
- Input output voltage and amperage calibration.
- Voltage range from 0 to 250 Volt wide (in single phase).
- Terminal or output socket.
- Simple operation with plug-in cable at input.
- Breaker for protection.
- High efficiency quiet operation.
- Manual or automatic adjustment.
- Good quality, ergonomic structure, easy carrying apparatus.
- Production in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 and CE Standards.
- Top Level Reliability.
- Easy to Use.