What is Regulator? How it works?

What is Regulator?

Voltage regulators are the machines that provide the constant voltage that you need by correcting the drops and swells that occur in the mains voltage.
A Servo Stabilizer is a Servo motor controlled stabilization system that performs optimum voltage supply using a Boost transformer booster that captures voltage fluctuations from input and regulates current to the correct output.

How it works?
Operation principales of voltage regulators

Our DVR-G-MM voltage regulators operate fully automatically for voltage regulation without any user intervention. Once the regulators have been switched on, you can measure the mains voltage continuously and automatically perform the necessary raising or lowering operations, giving your system the constant voltage required for a healthy operation. Servo regulators consist of variac, servo motor which controls Variac, electronic motor multimeter card which controls this motor and booster transformer. The start torque can quickly correct very small voltage changes thanks to the high DC servo motor and the control system that can respond quickly to voltage changes. When the regulation is completed, the servo motor is de-energized with the help of the electronic braking circuit. It has high efficiency and no output voltage distortion. You can safely use any area with regular electricity needs without any problems,

The DVR- M1 provides the following:
Undisturbed pure sinus voltage regulation.
AC voltage balancing with extremely high sensitivity.
When the input voltage is between 65v ... 310v, the output voltage is ± 0.4%  (219,2 v - 220,8 v).
Trouble-free operation from 0% to 100% on all charges.
Protection from long-term overloads and shorts.
When protections are activated, record the number of protection trips and the reason for each parameter separately.
Recording the mains input voltage limits, and load current values.
Protect the user from negative voltages.
Protection of the user and the device from excessive current.
Static, not dynamically adjust output voltage very quickly without user notice.
Do not show all values on screen even if everything is in bypass mode.
Manual transfer to byapas regime when regulation is unnecessary.