SBR-W812 DC-AC Inverter/Charger Product Catalogue

SBR-W812 DC-AC Inverter/Charger

● Off Grid Sine Wave Power Inverter with Charger

● Smart charger Controller

● Standard Remote Control Wi-Fi  (IOS - Android)

● 2 in 1 Off Grid hybrid design , Inverter + Power Charger.

●  Low frequency toroidal transfromer,  Pure sine wave with AVR

●  LCD display, Smart setup and simple operation by LCD

●  Max 36A Adjustable Charge Current , selectable battery type

●  Comprehensive protection  for overload,short-circuit,Battery Low and else

● Smart fan and alarm

● Production in accordance with ISO 9001, CE Standards

● Compact design, easy installation, simple use

● Designed for reliability

● Intelligent functionality,

●Can be used for uninterruptible or autonomous power supply using a high capacity battery.

● It is used as an uninterruptible power supply to power big loads for a long time.

● Designed to operate 24/7.

● It can also be used to operate all kinds of loads, such as electrical appliances, household appliances, consumer electronics and office equipment.

● In case of power failure, the inverter has instant backup power supply

● Best choice for backup power.

● It uses high-pass filters to suppress noise.

● To convert the DC voltage to AC voltage, the device uses high frequency conversion. Approximately 22 kHz. 98% Efficiency