Devices that prevent voltage rise, drop and all imbalances and regulate voltage are called regulators. Electrical devices that are being made to reduce or boost the energies due to different factors are those devices that are powered by the electronic circuitry that reduces or raises the energy with the hardware components within the electrical energy. Three-phase regulators for industry and single-phase regulators for houses are preferred. By means of the electronically provided regulator, the regulator can electromechanically cut the output voltage at the voltage drop and ramp outside the regulator, thus avoiding any possible damage that may occur. It is used safely in all kinds of computer system, fax, photocopy, medicine and laboratory equipment, home and office lighting, complex apartments and office supplies, and workshops 

GÜVEN-İŞ SVR-M3 Series Single Phase Static Regulators are regulators with high protection speed and high regulation speed.
Provides safe and stable output voltage in very sensitive devices where the mains voltage is unbalanced. The greatest advantage of other regulators is their high speed response to sudden voltage fluctuations. It is produced at the capacity to operate without problems even at full load and when the voltage changes too much. Since there are no moving parts inside it is long-lasting and does not require maintenance.
3kVA – 3200KVA
• 100% compliance with all monophonic devices
• Feed operation at 65 VAC
• High correction range (75V - 520VAC)
• 20ms voltage correction rate
• Control and protection unit thanks to microprocessor control
• Real static structure thanks to Thyristor and SMPS technology.
• Overcurrent protection and voltage protection (Standard).
• Short-circuit protection (Standard).
• True temperature control and heat protection (Standard)
• Cooling required by intelligent fan (Standard)
• Manual By-Pass and Automatic By-Pass
• High efficiency and quiet operation
• 3 Pieces 4x20 LCD (Standard)
• Automatically recorded on LCD; All faults, Operating Time, Highest and lowest voltage, Highest and lowest current, Instantaneous temperature and highest temperature seen, Thyristor count, Number of stages, Software date and number, guarantee number 
• Quality ergonomic construction, small dimensions, easy transport,
• ISO 9001-2008