1 PHASE / 3kVA - 10 kVA
Our SVR-G-HOME series static voltage regulators, which are designed in accordance with the standards of electrical  appliances, have been designed as an AC mains voltage compensator with the ergonomic design to compensate the voltage from the mains and bring it to a nominal value of 220 volts. It is a single-phase electronic device designed to provide balanced AC voltage for any consumer. Unlimited, the device works with all kinds of power-appropriate load. Home, office equipment, power tools, electric motors,air conditioners,  refrigerators, glass machines etc.
Small size
Low weight
High speed 500V / S
High reliability
No service required
Intelligent cooling system
Completely silent operation
High noise immunity
Maximum protection
Overload capacity 400%
Wide input voltage range (0v - 305V



The design of the device is suitable for use on a vertical table or hanging on a wall. There is a control panel on the front cover of the device to monitor the parameters. 3 buttons, 12 LEDs and 1pcs 4x20 LCD display are used in the control panel. There are two circuit breakers ,one 16A socket on the right side, and a cooling fan grill on the left side. 4 rubber feet are attached to the bottom of the device for comfortable use on the table. Two mounting holes on the back cover allow hanging on the wall. In order to avoid any problem in the devices with neutral sensitivity, the "neutral transit" or "common neutral" scheme is used. To remove interference from the mains, a EMI filter is used at the output of the device. The terminal socket is designed on the back cover of the device for connecting input output and ground power lines. Thanks to 16 static steps, the device makes the necessary voltage adjustment. When the temperature inside the device reaches + 55 ° C, the cooling fan switches on automatically.