VRK-P1 SERIES PANEL TYPE VARIAC 1 – 15kVA Product Catalogue


What is Variac ? 
Variac is an autotransformer with adjustable voltage.
It has a coal wheel (a sliding brush in simple variants) that allows you to change the voltage from zero to maximum without any problem.
The variac serves to provide the desired electrical energy to the laboratory facilities and to compensate for the voltage and other needs of the network.
Variac is an indispensable device when installing and testing electrical devices.
The first-class manufacturing is made of a silicon sheet core and varieties of electrolytic copper are produced as a special group according to the customer's request.


6,5KVA  - 15KVA Variac specifications


3,5KVA  - 5KVA Variac specifications

1KVA  - 2,5KVA Variac specifications