Electrical faults in the area can cause problems that can not be compensated in sensitive areas such as hospitals or data centers or in industrial production systems.

In such cases, uninterrupted power has the highest priority for the protection of human life and the continuity of operations.


Automatic transfer switch "ATS-04G", in the event of a failure of the active line, the controller is designed to automatically switch the load on the appropriate line by selecting one of the 4 lines.

The module has 4 different input lines, an output line and a common neutral connection terminal.

The phase value of the alternating electric current in the incoming lines is irrelevant. In other words, if 120 ° of phase does not exist, the device will operate normally. As long as the neutral line is properly connected.

If the user's preferred line is not active first (if "0" in the menu);
In case of distortion of the device, even when it is activated, the microprocessor automatically searches for the most suitable line and transfers the load on this line.

If the user's favorite line is active (if "1" in the menu)
In case of distortion of the main line, the microprocessor will automatically find the most appropriate line and transfer the load on this line.
It mainly transfers the load to the actual line even if the preferred base state is normalized.

Before transferring electrical energy, the unit will take into account the time interval defined in the menu.

The device can transfer a power supply 24V 220V 63A.


Areas of Use ATS-04G

  • Hospitals
  • Data centers with UPS units
  • Hotels,
  • Shopping centers
  • Exhibition areas
  • Business Centers
  • Airports
  • Infrastructure systems such as metro and train stations
  • Industrial processes and all areas requiring uninterrupted power.