Resistive Load Bank

Load bank; are devices that develop an electrical charge, apply the charge to an electrical power source, and convert or distribute the resulting power output of the source, connect it as a charge to the electrical power source and consume electrical power (active and reactive). Such devices often contain active resistance inside.

Unlike loads with variability in terms of electrical parameters, load banks provide the opportunity to test pre-determined and controllable loading conditions. Said charges are used to test the electrical output of the power supply and to verify its functionality without damaging the device.

In power plants, substations, telecommunication centers, you should check the batteries regularly to prevent them from suddenly running out of battery life. Resistive load banks are often used in industry to determine the status of a rechargeable battery. It is important to check the batteries at regular intervals, and the only reliable way to measure capacity is to run a battery discharge test. While doing this test, the condition of the battery is evaluated according to the data. The most convenient way to discharge the battery is to use an active load bank.

The load bank contains load elements with the necessary protection, control, measurement and accessory devices for operation.
Load banks are the best way to increase, prove and verify real-life demands in critical power systems. Impact-resistant long-lasting metal construction (galvanized, electrostatic powder coated pe ep / pe)
Stainless resistance resistance coil
Insulation materials according to temperature values
Heat resistant connectors, cables, terminal blocks
Cooling digital or manual thermostat with smart fan system
Fuse and circuit breakers
Indicator input output voltage, amps, frequency (ops.)

Usage areas;

• Generators
• Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS)
• Inverters
• Rectifier
• Battery systems
• Engines (system startup)
• Frequency converters
• Electric panels and systems
• Temperature control / control server simulator
• Air conditioning systems and Chillers
• Testing of feeding systems of telecommunication devices
• Power and Cooling Data Center
• Loading tests
• Energy production facilities
• Mine fields
• Military applications
• Data centers