3Phase / 3kVA - 3200 kVA


A voltage stabilizer is a power device designed to be positioned between the mains and the user. Goal; It is to provide a voltage supply that is subject to a much lower variation (± 1% of nominal value) than what is guaranteed by the user's distribution system.

Static Voltage Regulators are used when the rate of correction represents a critical problem (eg computers, laboratory equipment, pumps, measuring devices, compressors, asynchronous motors, and medical instruments).

Stabilization is carried out at "TRUE RMS" voltage. The stabilizer is not affected by the load power factor (cos φ) and can operate with a load percentage ranging from 0% to 100% on each phase.

The voltage stabilizer can operate with input and output voltages different from the nominal  voltage (single phase 230V - three phase 400V) (single phase 220V / 240V - three phase 380V/415V).

Such adjustments can be made at the factory or at the Customer's premises according to the instructions given in the manual.

Three-phase regulators are preferred for industries and single-phase regulators  are preferred for homes. In addition, the regulator cuts the output voltage electromechanically in case of voltage drops and rises outsidethe a djustment range thanks to the protection provided electronically and prevents possible damages that may occur accordingly.

3kVA - 3200kVA

•100% compatibility with all three-phase devices.
•Supply operation at 65 VAC.
•High correction range (75V - 520VAC).
•20ms voltage correction speed.
•Control and protection unit thanks to microprocessor control.
•Real static structure thanks to thyristor and SMPS technology.
•Over current protection, Phase protection, Neurtal & Voltage Protection (Standard).
•Short circuit protection (Standard).
•True heat control and heat protection (Standard).
•Required cooling thanks to smart fan (Standard).
•Manual By-Pass.
•High efficiency and quiet operatio.n
•3 Pieces 4x20 LCD (Standard).
•Event log display up to 2028 Events «Automatically saved in the LCD;
•All errors, Working Time, Highest and lowest voltage seen, Loaded highest and lowest current, instantaneous temperature and highest temperature seen, thyristor  number, number of steps, software date and number, warranty number»

All Güven-İş voltage regulators are designed and manufactured in accordance with the European Directives regarding the CE mark (“LVD” Low Voltage and Electromagnetic Compatibility Directives). GÜVEN-İŞ products are produced from suitable quality components and the production process is regularly monitored in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 standards with the quality control plans adopted by the company.